Continuing Legal Education

We teach attorneys the layout of medical records and provide resources so that they are better prepared to defend their clients.

Attorneys are given the tools necessary to locate and interpret lab results, radiology reports and EMS forms. We discuss common injuries in criminal cases, their treatment and follow-up. Attorneys learn how to determine if pages of the record are missing and where to find the most pertinent and concise information in a large stack of records. Participants leave with dependable resources for defining medical terminology, learning about diseases, injuries, medications and treatments as well as a database of experts for review and testimony.

CLE presentations can be during the lunch hour, at the end of the day or as a part of a conference.

CLEs for Public Defender organizations are FREE during our “CLE tours”


You wouldn’t ask your plumber to do your taxes so why expect your public defender to interpret medical records?

We believe that all legal cases involving medical records should have a medical professional interpreting them. We offer affordable medical record reviews by unbiased medical professionals who take time to educate the attorney they are working with and understand the financial constraints of the public defenders systems. Follow up is included so that attorneys are not limited in the time they work with us to fully understand the medical records. We explain the inner workings of hospitals, translate medical terminology and use images to explain injuries, anatomy and physiology.


We are creating a database of unbiased experts dedicated to charging fees that are affordable for non-profits and public defender organizations across the country - so tell everyone you know who works in healthcare to connect with us! The database project will be funded by donations until we have locked down a grant or in kind donation and we will announce when the database is up an running via our “newsletter”. Sign up for announcements in the Keep In Touch section!